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Catalogue of Failures -- Now in its 10th year!
24, action, angel, anime, anti-avril lavigne, anti-elitism, art, astronomy, b-movies, babylon 5, bach, bad girls, bad movies, badgirls, battle of the planets, bc transit, birds of prey, blinking, blues, blues music, britain, brooding, buffy, canada, cartooning, cartoons, chinese food, christian porn, cities, classic rock, collecting, comic books, comic creators, comics, concrete blonde, creating comics, creativity, crime fiction, curious comics, cybersix, dark oracle, darkness, david gilmour, death, don, drawing, dreams, evil, fantasy, fear, fray, freedom fighting without triggers, g-force, ghosts, girls, good girls, goodgirls, guitar, hanging out, history, holly mcnarland, horror comics, hugs, i hate livejournal, inking, insomnia, iron chef, lattes, laughing, learning, legends, lettering, manga, matthew good, matthew good band, mecha, michelle trachtenberg, micron pigmas, montys, movies, mp3s, music, mythology, neon lights, new vi, news, newsarama.com, night, nirvana, nothing. nothing at all., odyssey 5, paranormal, parapsychology, penciling, pencilling, pink floyd, playing guitar, porn, pulse, rain, reading, riot squad, robotech, robots, rock, roger waters, sara suzanne brown, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sharpie markers, singing, sketching, sleeping, smallville, snacks, space, space:1999, spazzing, star blazers, star trek, star wars, studio d comics, stuff, super heroes, super heroines, synergy, taking yourself too seriously, tea, the heel, the untouchables, the veil, the zone 91.3, time travel, tragically hip, tv, veronica mars, victoria, villains, wagner, walking, wankers, water, weakcut comix, women, writing, xbox, yellowjacket, your mom